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Accelerated Math & Accelerated Reader

At Eastern Hills Christian Academy, your child’s core curriculum in grades 1-8 will be supplemented by our Accelerated Reader (AR) and Accelerated Math (AM) programs from Renaissance Learning, Inc.  The fluidity of the programs lets your child work at their own pace, offering additional 1-on-1 assistance in areas they may need it while allowing them to advance without limits.  Teachers are provided daily feedback so they can customize instruction based on your child’s current level of readiness.  Through HomeConnect, a secure and password protected site, you have real-time access to your child’s progress in both programs.

Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader program is used at EHCA as a supplemental component to our reading and phonics curriculum.  The program encourages independent reading practice while keeping your child challenged to improve reading comprehension.  Your student will be guided to books where the reading level is neither too basic nor too advanced – the level where optimal growth can occur.  Computer-based comprehension testing provides immediate feedback to their teacher allowing them to guide and manage your child’s reading levels.  At the elementary level, reading to and having lunch with the principal are rewards incorporated into the program. 


Accelerated Math

The Accelerated Math program is a self-paced, individualized math curriculum that is used in 1st-8th grade.  Depending on the needs of your child, this program provides additional personalized practice or more accelerated work.  After receiving large group, small group, or individualized instruction, your student will be given an assignment specific to objectives or concepts they are ready to practice.  The completed work is scored on a computer giving immediate feedback to your child and their teacher.  The teacher uses the scored report to provide further review of current objectives or to move instruction to more advanced concepts for your student.


Additional information about Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math can be found at the following links: