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Core Curriculum

At Eastern Hills Christian Academy, your child will be educated using a wide range of curricula carefully researched and specifically selected to provide a strong foundation in each subject.  All our teachers are degreed educators and devoted Christians that supplement our chosen textbooks with thematic projects, literature selections, composition exercises and hands-on experiences to broaden the scope of your child’s education while teaching all subjects from a biblical perspective.  Our most recent standardized test scores from April 2016 confirm the strength of our curriculum.  Our students’ average test scores put EHCA at the 88th percentile for math and the 86th percentile for reading of the normed national average over all grades.
Core Curriculum by Subject

Math:  Early Numeracy grades K-1, Saxon Math grades 1-8, Accelerated Math grades 1-8

Science:  Scott Foresman grades 1-5, Prentice Hall grades 6-8

Social Studies:  Houghton Mifflin grades 1-5, Harcourt grades 6-8

Reading:  Saxon Phonics grades K-2, Scott Foresman Reading grades 1-5, SRA grade 2, Accelerated Reading grades 1-8

Spelling:  Saxon Phonics grades K-2, Scott Foresman Spelling grades 3-5

Language Arts:   Saxon Phonics grades K-2, Scott Foresman English grades 1-5, Pearson grades 6-8