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Enrichment Curriculum

In addition to our challenging core curriculum, your child's education will be enhanced by our engaging enrichment curriculum.  Every child in preschool through 5th grade takes music, PE, Bible and Spanish with art added in 1st grade.  These classes are offered to our middle school students as electives in addition to other elective offerings including STEAM, Life Skills, Speech & Debate, Drama, Choir and more.

Physical Education – Physical education consists of age-appropriate activities that employ large and small motor skills.  These skills are taught individually and within the context of a variety of activities, games, and sports.  Self-control, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, basic anatomy and physiology, first aid, nutrition, health, hygiene, equipment care, and good sportsmanship are all integrated into the yearly program.

Elementary Music – The music education program emphasizes the appreciation for music through listening, singing, and instrument playing.  Beginning theory skills are taught for reading music.  Music history and historical figures will be incorporated.  Christmas and Spring programs are presented by the music classes. 

Bible – In addition to daily Bible lessons in the classrooms, elementary students meet weekly for a special emphasis on scripture memory, Bible stories, and application of Bible truths.  Once a month the elementary school enjoys a joint chapel service.  The middle school has a praise band that will do a special Chapel for the middle schools students throughout the year.  

Art – The art program uses the “Arts Attack” curriculum.  “Arts Attack” is the winner of the prestigious Golden Bell Award.  The “Arts Attack” format allows the art teacher to provide a comprehensive, developmental, sequential art program based on the principles and elements of art.  Students will utilize a wide variety of media and basic art history will be introduced.  This enrichment program is in addition to the art that is done in the classroom.

Elementary Spanish – In the Spanish programs, students will learn the Spanish language starting with simple words including colors, numbers and months of the year and will progress to conversational phrases, high frequency words and common verbiage.   Songs, games, food and class activities will be incorporated.  The cultures of various Spanish speaking regions will be explored.