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Do Something 1:8

At EHCA, your middle school student will be involved in our service program - Do something 1:8.  Do Something 1:8 is the middle school service ministry based on Acts 1:8 - "... and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."  The goal is to give students the opportunity to share God's love by serving others in practical ways.  Parent volunteers are welcomed on all of our projects.  Service is based on the different areas identified in the verse.
Jerusalem:  Since this was where the disciples lived, these projects focus on the Albuquerque area and sharing Christ’s love in our community. Fifth through eighth grade students participate in these service projects, which happen throughout the school year. The projects are led by a teacher who works with a small team of students. The work takes place during a portion of the school day. These projects are based on needs that we hear about through our staff, student body, and churches. Examples of our Albuquerque service projects include:
  • Volunteering to play games and visit with the elderly at local nursing homes
  • Doing yard work and cleaning for the elderly and others in need
  • Volunteering at local ministries such as Meals on Wheels; Albuquerque Rescue Mission; Love, Inc.; and Reload Love
  • Blessing our immediate community with “random acts of kindness” like handing out free cookies and helping customers with their bags at local grocery stores
Judea:  This was the area surrounding Jerusalem and represents New Mexico to us. Sixth through eighth grade students have the opportunity once a year to participate in a service project located somewhere outside the Albuquerque area. These projects help ministries that are sharing God’s love in our state. They are scheduled during the school year and may include an overnight stay. Our New Mexico projects have included:
  • Cleaning and maintaining a Christian summer camp in the Manzano mountains
  • Cleaning the property, washing vehicles and playing with children at the New Mexico Baptist Children’s Home in Portales
  • Serving with a local church and its community outreach program in Gallup. This project allowed students to paint, make cookies, put together care packages of laundry detergent, organize supplies for outreaches, and distribute gifts to Native American children.
Samaria:  For us, this neighboring area represents the United States of America. Seventh and eighth grade students are invited to serve on a longer mission trip once a year. The location of the trip will alternate yearly between the United States and an international destination. These projects are designed to let the students grow in sharing God’s love in the midst of new and challenging experiences. 

The Ends of the Earth:  To reach the ends of the earth, seventh and eighth grade students and their parents are invited to take an international mission trip every other year. In March 2017, students traveled to Honduras to help a missions organization called El Ayudante. Students:
  • Placed water filters in rural homes
  • Assisted with building projects
  • Participated in community outreaches
  • Planned and implemented activities for local children