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Scholarship Fund

Increasing His Reach

A Christ-centered education is the most important gift you can give a child.  However, an outstanding Christian education does not come easily or inexpensively.  While EHCA strives to maintain the lowest possible tuition, without assistance, the gift of a Christian education can be unattainable for some families.  

EHCA is blessed to be able to provide scholarship assistance to families that have a financial need.  Your gift today will help us increase the number of families receiving scholarships and more importantly, the number of children receiving a Christian education.  Donations made to the Scholarship Fund are tax-deductible as a gift to a charitable organization.  Additionally, many companies will match donations made to 501(c)(3) organizations like EHCA which can double or even triple your gift.  For a list of US-based companies that provide matching gifts, click here or contact your HR department.

Donations to the Scholarship Fund can be made In Honor Of or In Memory Of and will be noted as such in our year-end giving report.

By donating to the EHCA Scholarship Fund you are directly increasing His reach.