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Today the choices for educating your child are immense…from public school to homeschool, charter to private, the options facing parents today are overwhelming.  Couple that with residing in a state that as of January 2016 ranked 48th in the country in overall quality of education* and whose 2015 NAEP scores among 4th graders ranked 50th in the country in reading and 49th in math** – making the right decision becomes daunting.

At Eastern Hills Christian Academy, a private Christian school in the NE Heights, we strive for academic excellence.  Every year, our graduates go on to rank highly in the private and public high schools they attend.  Our teachers are gifted educators, all of whom hold degrees in education, over 30% holding advanced degrees.  Our curricula are carefully selected and enriched by unique projects, literature selections, composition exercises and hands-on experiences.  And our most recent Terra Nova standardized test scores from April 2016 are testament to the success our school is having – ranking us in the 88th percentile across all grades nationally in math and in the 86th percentile across all grades nationally in reading.

But education is about so much more than test scores and rankings.  In 1973 the EHCA preschool was founded out of a need for a neighborhood school to teach Christian values to our children.  Today, more than ever, those values are so important.  The world is changing around us and our children are exposed to so much.  The local news tells us how much they’re seeing, the risks they’re exposed to, the choices they need to make – as children.  They need the knowledge, the skills, and the values to make the right decisions and to stay on the right path.  And yet, our public schools are eliminating everything that has to do with values just when our children need it most.

And, while some Christian schools in Albuquerque are striving to be the biggest, that is not our goal at EHCA.  Our goal is to be the school whose devoted teachers can provide the individual attention and instruction your child deserves to ensure they meet their academic potential. We want to be the school where your child can grow socially among a circle of friends they’ll have for life.  We want to be the school where your child can grow spiritually and develop a personal and lifelong relationship with Christ.  And, we want to be the school where your child feels cared about, safe, secure - and loved. 

We encourage you to take a tour of EHCA, meet our teachers, and see how Eastern Hills Christian Academy is educating children to become the individuals God created them to be.


* "Quality Counts 2015: State Report Cards Map."  Education Week, Editorial Projects in Education, Published Online: December 30, 2015, April 26, 2016.  Published in Print: January 7, 2016, as "Measuring Up: Latest Scorecard Puts States, Nation to the Test."
** "2015 Mathematics and Reading Assessments."  The Nation's Report Card, NAEP, National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, April 26, 2016.

"We have been a member of the EHCA community for over fifteen years and cannot say enough about the caring, friendly teachers and administrative staff. The school offers the perfect formula for a great learning environment through its leadership and accountability of the students.  Our kids truly have the moral and educational foundation they need to succeed!"

- Vernon and Betty Leake