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    A private Christian preschool, elementary school and middle school in Albuquerque, NM
    Top Private Christian School in Albuquerque
    Providing a high-achieving academic curriculum confirmed by our outstanding standardized test scores
    Top Christian Preschools in Albuquerque
    Small class sizes allow each child to receive the recognition and attention they deserve
    Top Christian Schools in Albuquerque
    The school of choice for over 180 students from the greater Albuquerque area
    A private Christian Middle School in Northeast Albuquerque
    Our lead teachers hold degrees in education, many with advanced degrees
    Top Christian Middle Schools in Albuquerque
    Allowing your child to grow as Jesus grew - cognitively, physically, socially and spiritually
    A private Christian school in Northeast Albuquerque
    Guiding children to become respectful individuals with a solid spiritual foundation


    • 25 Sep

      Golf Match # 3

      GOLF MATCH # 3 @ 4:00 PM Los Altos Golf Course 9717 Copper Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87123 more

    • 25 Sep

      Volleyball - Game # 6

      EHCA VS. SANDIA VIEW @ 4:30 PM Sandia View Christian School 22 Academy Dr. Corrales, NM more

    • 27 Sep

      See You at the Pole

      See You At The Pole is a student-led event in which participants meet at their school's flagpole bef ... more

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